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The Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom is the most rugged and durable yet refined and engineered live bottom trailer available.  End dumps have their limitations and there are serious safety concerns with respect to tip overs.  Many job sites will no longer allow end dump equipment. The ability to work in areas of height restriction limits an end dumps ability to work year round across diverse operations.  With a Live Bottom trailer there are more freight opportunities available across all 4 Canadian seasons from asphalt to gravel, salt, stone, fertilizer and many other bulk and agriculture products that require shipment to the end user or at various stages of production.

The Etnyre Falcon design takes into account several issues common to Live Bottom trailers and either eliminates or at the very least improves on them greatly.  The first issue is center of gravity.  The Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom center of gravity is set lower than that of our Live Bottom competitors.  When the center of gravity is lowered equipment take corners and ramps safer and is less prone to go out of control.  Etnyre has engineered their bin to sit some 8” lower.  Operators tell us that the on road feel when rounding a corner with an Etnyre Live Bottom is totally superior as a result of this lower mounting of our bin.

Etnyre’s Falcon chain system uses pintle chains.  Pintle chains do not require lubrication.  There is no messy chain oiler.  Pintle chains are proven in aggregate and agriculture.

Our belt is not attached to the chains that drive it with any fasteners what so ever.  Traditionally Live Bottom manufacturers ran steel slats across their chains and then fastened these slats to their belt.  When you poke holes in something it weakens it.  Our belt has no attachments to the chains.  Etnyre’s Falcon has no slats that ultimately get deformed when frozen or large product impacts the belt.  You load up to 8” diameter product onto our belt.  While our belt will prove to last longer, with busy operation belts on any live bottom are going to wear out and if replacement is required ours can be changed out in a day because there are not fasteners to drill out.  We can replace a belt using 2 men in one shift with time to spare.   Live Bottom trailers with slats where the belt is fastened to the chains can take as much as a week or more to replace the belt resulting in additional down time, lost revenue and as much as triple the cost to replace the belt.

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