The original Great Dane dry van with the most options for the most complex spec requirements. With literally tens of thousands of spec variations available the Champion CL was previously heralded as Great Dane’s “Classic” dry van. Side doors, higher gross weights and multi axle configurations, stainless steel sides are offered as options on the Champion CL. The “comb” rear frame is a cue that a trailer is a CL. This rear frame wraps around and protects the door and hinges from dock impact. Additional material throughout the rear frame makes for arguably the stiffest and strongest rear available. Look closely at individual structural components and thicker gauges are used throughout the construction. When greater interior height is required for oversized freight, Great Dane Champion CL offers a drop down configuration. Have an odd length requirement or need a one off custom trailer that the competition may only be interested in building should you have a large quantity order, look to Great Dane’s Champion CL to meet your needs.

For temperature controlled heater van requirements Great Dane can block foam insulate the CL or for operations where higher internal box temperatures are required on the coldest days of the year Great Dane offers the iVan version of the CL. The iVan has panel press built side walls like a reefer trailer, an insulated roof and optional insulated sealed floor. The Champion CL is offered with several interior options including PunctureGuard, plywood and SSL. Choose the insulation package and thickness of insulation that your operation requires.

Protect your investment from corrosion with CorroGuard.

Standard, low cost, durable and sturdy corrosion resistant rear frame solution with EnduroGuard.

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Tridem Champion CL Insulated I-van Heater

120” inside height Drop van with roadside door

Stainless Steel roll up rear frame and bumper with integrated steps and grab handles at both curbside and roadside

Insulated PunctureGuard lined I-Van interior with 18” tall 0.200” thick PunctureGuard scuffliner, horizontal logistic track, heavy duty crash plate and diesel heater

Insulated PunctureGuard lined I-Van interior with hardwood scuffliner and horizontal logistic track

Insulated framed composite swing rear doors

Full stainless comb style rear frame protects the hinges, stainless steel bumper

53’ Tridem Champion CL 80000 lb GVWR

Tridem 80000 lb GVWR with exterior aluminum rub rail and Transtex Fairing skirts

122” interior height drop van with air over hydraulic dock levellers

Double Punched Logistic Posts, 122” Drop Van interior with Roadside Door

Insulated I-Van front wall with diesel heater

Tridem 80000 lb GVWR Champion CL

High Spec 53’ tandem air ride with extra light package