Is it possible to have true sheet and post proven construction and still have 101” of inside width? Yes, Great Dane’s Champion CS1 has a full 101” inside width while offering the ease of repair that sheet and post trailers are known for. Logistic posts on 12” centers over the coupler and then 16” centers from behind the coupler all the way to the rear of the trailer work to ensure that when you need to install a strap or logistic bar that we have a post where you need it.

Great Dane beefs up the gauge of the post so that we can position the logistic slots closer together given you even greater logistic options. The CS1 is lined with a durable recycled plastic liner that is 3 times as puncture resistant as plywood. Should you damage an interior panel all you need are 2 flat-head screwdrivers to pop the damaged liner out and install a new one.

There is no drilling or bucking of rivets burning valuable shop time adding up to costly repairs. A non-mechanic can easily change a CS1 wall liner panel in minutes. Full 101” inside width, greater logistic options and repairability make the Great Dane CS1 an extremely compelling value.  The Champion SE remains available as a traditional plywood lined trailer.

For those customers that see the many benefits of our CS1 design but do not require the logistic uprights on the tight 16” centers Great Dane offers a spec version with 24” post spacing which saves over 500 lbs per unit.  Learn more about the Champion SE CS1 Lightweight here.  

Protect your investment from corrosion with CorroGuard.

Standard, low cost, durable and sturdy corrosion resistant rear frame solution with EnduroGuard.

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Glasvan stock tandem air ride Champion SE CS1 with Transtex fairing skirts, exterior aluminum rub rail, side wall skylights, vented with placard holders

16” logistic post spacing with durable snap in plastic interior

Glasvan stock tandem air ride Champion SE CS1 with Transtex Fairing Skirts

Stainless steel coupler fasteners, stainless roll lip approach, stainless lower front wrap, stainless steel air and electrical mounting plate

Standard Exclusive Secure-Cam door security system

16” logistic post spacing, 12” tall 0.200” thick PunctureGuard scuffliner

16” logistic post spacing, 12” tall 0.200” thick PunctureGuard scuffliner, Waxin Floor

16” logistic post spacing, minimal gaps between logistic slots, durable plastic snap in liner

Glasvan stock Champion SE CS1 front wall with vent