The performance of all dry van trailers can be measured against Great Dane’s Champion SSL. The composite plate revolutionized the North American freight van market by combining durability, maximum interior width and cube at a reasonable cost but ease of repair, logistic options and weight are areas where composite wall construction may receive mediocre reviews from carriers. Great Dane’s Champion SE SSL and CL SSL models have simple sheet and post wall construction for ease of repair. Sturdy galvanized logistic posts are available on both 16” and 24” centers giving shippers and operators plenty of slots to secure freight with logistic bars and straps. As with any sheet and post built trailer our interior wall liner is not fastened directly to the outside skin making it easy to take apart and repair should a catastrophic damage occur. Panel replacements take a fraction of the amount of time when compared to a composite.

SSL stands for Single Side Laminate and refers to the interior wall lining panels Great Dane uses between the logistic posts. The SSL panel is made from extremely durable galvalume steel which will not rust and is wrapped around a solid core then fastened to the logistic posts achieving and inside width of just over 100”. Couple this wall panel with a long list of Great Dane’s durable scuffliner options and it makes for one of the toughest trailer interiors offered in the industry today.

Glasvan offers our Rackbuster interior protection packages for today’s automotive rack haul carriers. The SSL makes for a great trailer shell to retrofit with additional steel interior protection giving the carrier the most resilient equipment available designed to confront the most abusive repetitive rack hauls.

When 48” and 50” logistic post centers are too wide for your load securement requirements and a 100”+ interior width, coupled with light weight, reparability and durability are factoring into your purchase or lease decision the Champion SSL emerges as the industry’s clear leader. Glasvan consistently stocks the Champion SSL dry van in a tandem axle configuration and Great Dane offers a massive list of custom production spec options allowing us to tailor up an SSL spec for your specific needs.

Protect your investment from corrosion with CorroGuard.

Standard, low cost, durable and sturdy corrosion resistant rear frame solution with EnduroGuard.

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White SSL logistic interior with 12” tall 0.200” thick PunctureGuard scuff liner

Extreme duty SSL logistic interior with Glasvan “RackBuster” interior protection package

Stainless steel coupler fasteners, stainless roll lip approach, stainless lower front wrap, stainless steel air and electrical mounting plate
Stainless Steel Rolled Lip CS1

Stainless steel coupler fasteners

Durable SSL lined logistic interior with posts on 24” centers, 12” tall 5/8” thick HDPE scuff liner

LCV pintle hitch system

Smooth post to SSL panel attachment for no snag, 24” logistic post centers, 12” tall 5/8” thick HDPE scuff liner

Glasvan stock Champion SE SSL tandem air ride

Champion SE SSL tandem air ride with Transtex Fairing Skirts

SSL lined Tridem HIGH SPEC with Transtex Fairing Skirts and exterior aluminum rub rail