While it is true that Doonan and Chaparral offer all steel (Black Gold), combo (Diamond and Platinum models) and all aluminum Chaparall deck trailers this is really a major understatement of their abilities. Shallow couplers, deep drops for the lowest deck heights, extendable mechanical detachables stretching to over 72’ long, double drops and even the most difficult to engineer wheel pockets for loading taller equipment and freight are engineering and production tasks that Doonan Chaparral have proven to undertake with ease. Dovetail stepdecks with flip ramps offer an economical way to ground load and transfer equipment. The flip ramps then stow in the roadable position to create a flat load surface level with the main deck.

The all aluminum Chaparral utilizes a bolted design. Beams are cut and cambered in house. Due to the bolted design the beams are not welded and the integrity of the aluminum is therefore not compromised by heat during manufacture. When damaged the trailer can be disassembled more readily without the need or time spent burning and rewelding metals.

Chaparral’s aluminum stepdeck employs a steel neck reinforcement at the drop. In this high stress area the steel is carefully separated from the aluminum to minimize and nearly eliminate corrosion. As stepdeck trailers experience considerable stress in the neck area steel reinforcement ensures that the structure is not compromised for years down the road.

Doonan and Chaparral offers the owner operator with the highest expectations for functionality and fit and finish a range of options to build a standout trailer that gets the job done. Custom paint is carefully applied to complete the look. Glasvan consistently stocks various tridem stepdeck configurations from Doonan and Chaparral for our Canadian customers.

Do you have a multi axle, concentrated load or oversized requirement concern that seems impossible to move on a typical deck trailer configuration? Bring your spec to Doonan Chaparral to engineer custom trailer equipment and you’ll receive the highest level of quality offered in the deck market today.