Etnyre’s 40” wide belt is several inches wider than that of our competition. The narrower a live bottom belt the shallower the angle of the bin sides.  By using a wider belt our bin sides are steeper, more vertical. With a wide belt and steep walls bulk product is less likely to hang up on the bin sides or tunnel.    Tunnelling is bad and results in longer unload times and can even require that at an operator enter the bin to knock product down onto the belt due to an air tunnel gap between the belt and the freight. Sticky product like asphalt comes after faster because more of it is sitting on the belt as opposed to resting on the bin sides.   Faster unload is a key feature of the Falcon live bottom and is a function of wider belt, steeper bin sides and fast and powerful chain and belt drive system. 
Bulk freight is about payload.  With a Live Bottom rarely will you haul freight where you will cube out before you weigh out.  Meaning that in most cases you will hit MOT maximum weight limits before you run out of bin space.  Every extra pound of commodity that you load is more money in your pocket.  Etnyre’s Falcon is as much as 1200 lbs lighter that a comparably spec’d competitors’ models.  This does not mean our trailer is weak.  To the contrary.  We have actually added several hundred pounds of engineered heavy duty reinforcement to our frame and suspension structures in the last year to make for a balance between lightweight and strength. 
Glasvan stocks all Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom equipment with Etnyre’s bi-fold rear door.  Our rear door can be opened either entirely or in cases where a specific or smaller amount of product is desired only the bottom half of the door can be opened allowing the operator to better control the amount of product offloading. 
Etnyre offers 4 different exterior side wall designs to give you the look you want.  From brushed aluminum to painted, ribbed and even custom build polished stainless steel not only is the Falcon Live Bottom the best engineered but it is also the best looking.  Etnyre’s Falcon is also the most customizable Live Bottom trailer equipment available.  With options like aluminum slurry tanks, extended bin sides for more volumetric bin capacity, reversing belt, custom paint and lighting packages plus multiple fender designs to name but a few items available.  Talk to us about your operational or aesthetic requirements.