Our competition rather than speaking to the merits of their own equipment may tell you that Etnyre has a problem with their chain and belt drive system where chains derail from the cogs or that the belt slips on the chains.  The fact is that we have never had a chain derail or a case where product could not be unloaded due to a slipping belt from any one tri-axle 40’ Etnyre Falcon we have sold and this after 3+ years in service hauling literally thousands of loads.  In fact, 2/3 of the customers that we have sold a new Etnyre Falcon tri-axle 40’ unit to have returned to Glasvan to purchase an additional unit or units.   Initial Falcon quad axle 48’ units did have some chains derail from the drive system.  While not catastrophic, these derailments did cause some unexpected downtime.  Even with a derailment, because Etnyre’s design incorporates 8 chains operators were still able to get the load off before bringing the equipment in for repair.  In absolutely every past case of a chain derailment Glasvan dealt with these issues at no cost for repair to our customers and offered a sub unit to the customer to ensure they could go back to work.  The front chain drum on our Falcon quad axle 48’ model has since been redesigned, heavier duty chains spec’d and chains guides revised so that the belt drive chains cannot derail.  Photo detail below shows the old design.  Etnyre have evolved the design of the Falcon Live Bottom for Ontario customer weights and operational requirements to make for the most reliable equipment available.  The notion that we have a chain or belt drive system issue is categorically false. 
Live Bottom belts have a seam. This seam is commonly called the “belt splice.”  With most of our competitors you must reposition this splice to the underside so that freight is not loaded onto it directly.  Not with the Etnyre Falcon.  You can drop your load anywhere on our belt including onto the splice so no time is spent repositioning the belt between loads.  Do you really believe that it is realistic for an operator to remember to reposition their belt for multiple loads each day?  At some point it is quite likely that they will forget and damages can and will be very expensive.  This issue is eliminated with Etnyre’s design.
Etnyre’s Falcon is insulated.  The hotter asphalt is when it gets to the job site the better it will lay down on the road.  Our bin sides have 1” of insulation full length working to keep product warm.  Customers are always telling us how paving operations love the Etnyre Live Bottom because the mix not only gets to the location at temperature but our wider rear door opening fills the paver evenly with more product as opposed to creating a narrow pile in the center of the hopper.  Glasvan specs a solid tarp which further works to keep heat of freight in vs cheaper mesh tarps.  A solid tarp also keeps rain and snow off of the product.  Some product such as salt must be kept as dry as possible and a solid tarp achieves this. 
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