For the most complex special production order reefer trailer configurations where specs like multiple side doors, multi temperature zones, extreme duty options, B slide bogies, walk ramps and odd lengths combine to meet your delivery needs. Undoubtedly the largest book of options available on any reefer trailer model offered in the industry.

Built in Brazil Indiana the Everest CL formerly known as the “Classic reefer” is chosen to meet the most complex spec requirements. Your experience has led you to take a hard look at how you spec a trailer for your operation and the Everest CL offers the options that allow you to custom design the very best equipment for your needs. Chances are the most complex multi temp food service trailer you have seen as run by one of the largest North American food service juggernauts is a Great Dane Everest CL.

There is no one spec that works for every operation in every locale. The flexibility that Great Dane has by offering an almost limitless book of options for the Everest CL makes this trailer the choice of those that consider spec’ing trailer equipment a science. Whatever the option combination, chances are Great Dane has built it before on the Everest CL. Center divides and multi temp configurations are our specialty. Great Dane continues to develop and improve this leading model further enhancing their side door design configurations. With many heavy duty spec options the CL is chosen when higher GVWR’s are required.

When you need a trailer that can deliver to more customers that have their own diverse characteristics be they hotels, restaurants, cold temp storage facilities, docks, schools, grocers, convenience stores and gas stations the Everest CL can be configured in a manner to give you the greatest operational flexibility when delivering temp controlled freight. Challenge us with your project, Great Dane’s Everest CL is up to the task.

Protect your investment from corrosion with CorroGuard.

Save money, control weight gain and extend the useful life of your reefer trailer equipment with Great Dane’s exclusive ThermoGuard wall liner.

Great Dane has made immense investment to ensure that our reefer equipment protects the freight that you haul. Learn more about the great care and process that Great Dane undertakes when insulating our Everest lineup of reefer trailers.

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34’ tandem air ride Everest CL food service roll up with rail lift hydraulic tailgate and side door at extreme front curbside wall

Full stainless tandem air ride “B slide” multi temp lead with pup

53’ S.P.I.F. Quad axle single temp reefer with tri-fold doors

40’ multi temp Everest CL with tri-fold doors, retractable 16’ aluminum walk ramp and 2 (two) curbside doors

Everest CL multi temp interior, PunctureGuard lined, 2 curbside doors

Ladder step for side door

Center divide multi temp interior

Full custom application Everest CL with multiple side door configurations

Stainless steel coupler fasteners, stainless roll lip approach, stainless lower front wrap, stainless steel air and electrical mounting plate

Multi Temp interior with 3 side doors, PunctureGuard lined

30’ “B slide” tandem air ride lead with hot dip galvanized hydraulic rail lift tailgate and 2 (two) curbside doors

Tridem Everest CL Multi Temp with ThermoGuard wall lining system