The lightest weight and best fit and finish available of any reefer trailer on the road today.

The Everest SS offers a broad spectrum of options for long haul temp controlled freight transport. Built by Great Dane’s Wayne Nebraska team the plant is operated by many 25 year veterans of reefer trailer production. The Wayne team wrote the book on how to build a durable, lightweight and reliable reefer trailer. Some of Great Danes most tenured and passionate people put their heart and soul into every Everest SS that rolls of the assembly line.

Glasvan stocks various configurations of the Everest SS to meet the needs of long haul reefer carriers. Each month we bring in 53’ Duct and our 20000 lb per foot rated concentrated load flat floor Everest SS model in drum and disc brakes configurations. Skirted for CARB compliance with various lighting and aesthetic packages. Anti corrosion packages on Glasvan stock with our exclusive CorroGuard bogie and landing gear coating included .

Contact our sales team or visit the dealership to learn more about the long list of technical aspects that take this trailer into a different level of reliability than that which our competitors offer. Every aspect of the trailer has been carefully engineered to last longer and hold up to the rigors of long haul transport. That means putting more material in a critical area, using stainless steel instead of cheaper materials and rethinking traditional attachments to make for a more temp control efficient trailer. Lower total cost of ownership and extended useful life keep customers coming back for the Everest SS.

Now with Great Dane’s exclusive optional ThermoGuard wall liner the Everest SS works to be the most efficient trailer moving freight across North America. ThermoGuard is real patented technology that has proven its place in the fleets of many of our top customers. It reduces the efficiency loss that reefer trailers experience as the side wall insulation ages. ThermoGuard also greatly reduces weight gain due to moisture intrusion into the insulation. Glasvan now specs the full ThermoGuard package on the roof, side walls, front wall doors and subfloor all our stock Everest SS reefers.

Special long haul temperature controlled freight needs require an exceptional trailer. Vertical logistics, pintle hitches, independent slide and tridem suspensions are offered on custom production order. For the operator that has earned the respect of his counterparts full stainless exterior side walls and custom painted rails can be ordered. See our Owner Operators section (link) to view some standouts that are being run by the class of the field.

Protect your investment from corrosion with CorroGuard.

Save money, control weight gain and extend the useful life of your reefer trailer equipment with Great Dane’s exclusive ThermoGuard wall liner.

Great Dane has made immense investment to ensure that our reefer equipment protects the freight that you haul. Learn more about the great care and process that Great Dane undertakes when insulating our Everest lineup of reefer trailers.

The loyalty of our Everest SS customers is as a result of this equipment exceeding the quality of all others offered in the industry. End of discussion.

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Glasvan stock HIGH CUBE Everest SS tandem air ride, Transtex fairing skirts, corrugated sides with aluminum exterior rub rail, ThermoGuard


Glasvan stock Everest SS 72” spread TRIDEM, 80000 lb GVWR
53' Tridem


Multi-temp Full Stainless TRIDEM with factory custom paint
Dave Hallgren 007


Heavy Duty threshold plate and Great Dane’s 20000 lb per foot safety grip concentrated load flat floor
53' Stock Roll Up Door (4)

Grote Micronova lamps with sealed wiring system, flush mounted, heavy duty stainless steel rear frame and stainless steel gusset to bottom rail


Glasvan HIGH CUBE Everest SS tandem air ride reefer stock with Transtex Fairing Skirts, ThermoGuard

Transtex Fairing Skirts with integrated 48” aluminum storage box

HIGH CUBE corrugated side tandem air ride Everest SS

Glasvan stock HIGH CUBE Full Stainless steel rear frame and bolt on bumper, diamond pattern stainless door. Grote Micronova lighting system

Everest SS pintle hitch system
Pintle Hook

Everest SS interior ThermoGuard wall liner system, heavy duty return air bulkhead bump stops, indented logistic track
SS interior

PunctureGuard insterior with 24” high 0.200” thick PunctureGuard scuffliner
Stk 784 (4)

Full Stainless tandem air ride
Stock 53' Stainless

Dual Temp system
Stock Multi-Temp

Glasvan stock HIGH CUBE Everest SS tandem ride with aluminum exterior rub rail
Super seal with skirts & rub rail

Center divide multi temp system with 2 rows of horizontal logistic track
tridem multi temp (1)