There are more combo flatbeds on the road in North America than any other deck type trailer configuration. The combo flatbed moves more building materials, more general freight, more LTL than any other non-enclosed trailer on the road today. Balancing the need for light weight, the reliability of a structural steel main beam and controlling cost is what Great Dane sets out to do with every combo flat build. Glasvan consistently stocks Great Dane’s combo 53’ flatbed in both tandem and tridem configurations. So what do we do differently when providing this often commoditized trailer equipment? Great Dane’s Freedom LT Combo Flat gives the buyer exceptional value, consistently superior fit and finish, competitive weight and an option book to meet the needs of the North American deck carrier.

Great Dane’s lineup of combo flats and steps have earned a loyal following across North America due to their lightweight, durability and value pricing. A steel mainbeam with steel or aluminum X-members plus aluminum floor construction, the Great Dane Freedom LT is also available as a stepdeck. Great Dane offers tandem, tridem and slide axle configurations and Glasvan offers SPIF quad axle flat configurations as well. With our stepdeck design Great Dane can achieve main deck heights from 42” to down as low as 34” when 17.5 size tires are selected.

Great Dane’s carefully designed steel dropdeck neck is plasma cut, reinforced and robotically welded to ensure integrity for many years down the road. Our Freedom LT offers multiple beam flange options for higher freight weight requirements allowing us to build equipment right for higher Canadian gross weights while aluminum cross-member and floor options work to ensure that you can work within the tight 80000 lb US gross confines.

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Glasvan stock Freedom LT tandem and tridem air ride 53’ combo flats

Great Dane 48’ fixed spread combo stepdeck
48' Stepdeck

53’ tridem deep drop combo stepdeck on 17.5 tires, 34” deck height

Glasvan stock Freedom LT tandem air ride 53’ combo flat with Verduyn sliding tarp kit

Deep drop rear axle slide tandem combo stepdeck

Great Dane stock 53’ tandem air ride slider combo flats

S.P.I.F. quad axle 53’ combo flat with steerable liftable lead axle
Quad Axle Great Dane (6)

Rear axle slide tandem combo stepdeck
step deck combo slide axleFreedom LT step