You need workhorse flat and dropdeck trailers of all steel construction with a tough and easy to work with all wood deck. Equipment that is dependable, sturdy gear proven to be simple and reliable. When extreme lightweight is not your absolute requirement but a dependable, rugged piece of equipment is then Great Dane’s all steel Freedom SE is the choice for commodity and specialized transfer. The Freedom SE all steel flatbed and stepdeck is available in odd lengths as a tandem or tridem axle. With many load securement options look to Great Dane’s all steel flats and steps for modest pricing and many spec options to get the job done in the most economical way.

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All steel 10’ spread air ride flat

All steel 10 spread air ride step deck

48’ tandem air ride all steel Freedom SE flats

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All steel 48’ air ride step deck

All steel 48’ air ride step deck