When lightweight is the absolute consideration look to Great Dane’s Freedom XP line of flatbeds. Proven bolted design ensures the integrity of the pre-cambered all aluminum main beams and allows repairability without the need to burn and re-weld. Designed to deflect and return repeatedly Great Dane’s up-sized 1” beam flanges are some of the most robust available. Great Dane considered all the best designs available today and set out to improve on them. When you get the sunroof you also want the power seats so Great Dane’s Freedom XP all aluminum flatbed has many standard features not found on other competing products like more stainless fasteners, high intensity MicroNova lamps, galvanized componentry and our Corroguard coating. These items work to keep the trailer looking great for many years down the road. Add in Great Dane’s new appearance package option and your investment in Great Dane’s Freedom XP all aluminum flatbed is not only the hardest working trailer on the road but the best looking as well. When the flexibility to scale that extra thousand pounds of freight is required to turn a profit, look to Great Dane’s Freedom XP for your flatbed requirements.

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Appearance package rear

Grote MicroNova lighting and wiring, flush mount lamps, heavy duty rear impact guard to rail connection

Bolted construction, 60” aluminum storage box with cam type handle

Bolted construction

“Knee braces” for outer deck strength

Grote Micronova lamps, unlimited position load hook carriers and secondary midship

48’ fixed 10’ spread air ride, 3 light Grote Micronova front corner flush mount