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400 series travelling axle full main deck tilt trailers

Two and three axle models offered with optional hot dip galvanized protection available.

The Landoll 400 series leads the market with its full main deck tilt design and shallow load angle of a mere 6 degrees. The 400 series hydraulic trailer is available in a tandem axle 40 ton version known as the 440 model and the 55 ton model is 3 axle tridem trailer called the 455. Both 40 and 55 ton models utilize cross members on 8” centers to handle higher concentrated loads. The 400 series trailer is an extremely stable and solid trailer. This is due to the fact that the 2 main deck pivots are mounted at the extreme outboard of the trailer making for an extremely wide stance when tilting. Loaded deck height is 37” on 17.5 rubber and a low pro 22.5 tire 42” deck height option version is also offered.

Disabled equipment and containers can be drawn onto the deck of the Landoll trailer with Braden and Warn winch options ranging from 12000 lb capacity to 30000 lb planetary heavy duty designs.

Landoll’s hot dipped galvanizing option submerges the entire trailer frame in a molten zinc bath. This protects the all steel beams and X-members from the harsh Canadian climate and the corrosive anti icing agents such as magnesium and calcium chloride used today. These anti icing chemicals attack all steel trailers and Landoll’s hot dipped galvanized coating option is the best line of defence to protect your investment for many years down the road.

A recently upgraded LED lighting and wiring system not only has a better warranty but is also more reliable.

Landoll offers many options such as dock level lift hydraulics to get the deck of the trailer up to dock height. Hydraulically deployed deck rollers, container guides and even train track rails are offered. Various load securement options such as chain gotchas, D rings and winch track are offered. 9’ and 10’ wide deck options with wide track axles, swing outs and pull outs for over width requirements can be spec’d. A self-contained gas engine can be spec’d so that the 400 series trailer does not have to be married to a truck with wet lines. Custom paint is available to complete the look and to present your company’s brand.

Glasvan consistently stocks the 455 in a 3 axle tridem 53’ hot dipped galvanized configuration. If we don’t have one in the yard for immediate delivery chances are we have a unit coming down the production pipeline very shortly to meet near term needs. Talk to our team about your operational requirements and let us build up a 400 series spec trailer that delivers for you.

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