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800 series hydraulic detachable trailers

The 800 series hydraulic detachable trailers comes in the 825, 835 AG Series and 855 Heavy Haul Series. Two, three and four axle models offered.

825, 835 AG Series

As farm tractor, sprayer, seeder and combine harvesting equipment grew in size the market looked to Landoll to produce a trailer that had the payload, useable deck space and extremely low deck height required to haul this oversize gear within the confines of tight US gross weight laws. As a Kansas based company Landoll is situated in the heartland of America’s farming operations. Landoll responded to the market’s requests with the 800 series trailer. A loaded main deck deck height as low as 17” the 800 is available in configurations with up to 35 tons of capacity in 2 and 3 axle specs and various lengths. Sturdy, optional 27” long aluminum pull outs extend the useable deck width for wider equipment. Optional aluminum platforms for the neck and over the suspension allow the carrier to haul additional freight. One cannot always rely on perfect and paved ground surfaces when moving equipment to various locations. A mechanical detachable or competing hydraulic detaching trailer may be nearly impossible to couple to the neck and pick up when loaded and surfaces are uneven. With Landoll’s exclusive neck design the coupling and uncoupling process is reduced to the simplest and smoothest operation. See Landoll’s detachable neck in action at www. Ride height and ground clearance can also be adjusted.

The 800 series is the choice of those in the agriculture equipment business looking to move some of the largest gear offered to and from their manufacturer, their dealership and to their customer’s fields and barns. Even non agriculture oversize haulers are looking to the 800 series as a better alternative for oversize freight transfer needs.

855 Heavy Haul Series

Higher gross weights, oversize and specially permitted hauls require a trailer that can handle the concentrated loads of construction and military equipment. Landoll took the proven neck and deck design of their 800 series agriculture detachable trailers and beefed them up for heavy haul. Configurations offered up to 55 tons in 3 axle and optional pin on 4th axles the Landoll 855 is for the customer that has experienced the limitations and life cycle issues of typical painted all steel hydraulic detaching equipment. One look at the 855 and you’ll see thicker gauges and flanges in critical areas. Most anyone involved in heavy haul has struggled and dealt with the frustration from coupling a typical hydraulic detachable neck to the main deck during loading, sometimes even on flat and level surfaces. Landoll’s 855 coupling action is completely different than a typical hydraulic detachable. Landoll’s neck literally looks for the main deck and grabs it using a unique and proven design.

Landoll offers hot dip galvanizing as an option for their main deck and rear axle axle area. These entire portions are complete submerged in a zinc bath. With the hot dip galvanized option over 500 lbs of molten zinc seals and protects the all steel beam, frames and cross member structures of the 855. In the Canadian climate with the harsh anti icing agents used on the roads today a typical hydraulic detachable could require costly rebuild in as little as 7 years but with Landolls galvanized option we are looking to double and even possibly triple this timeframe. For the most discerning heavy haul customer that wants to invest in a hydraulic detaching trailer that is easier to use with a longer useful life the 855 emerges as the best contender offered today.

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