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900 series travelling axle tilting tail trailers

The Landoll 900 series trailer is ideal for moving multiple pieces of equipment and is available in tandem and tridem axle models. Optional hot dip galvanized protection. The tandem, a 35 ton rated deck is coined the 930 model while the 50 ton tridem is called the 950. As the axles are hydraulically drawn forward the tail of the trailer drops to the ground to create a full width ground loading ramp surface with a 12 degree load angle. The 900 series trailer is ideal for loading multiple pieces of equipment at the same time because the main deck area of the trailer remains level during the loading and unloading process. Operators can secure the equipment down on the level deck rather than working on a slope. The tail of 900 series is available in 12’ and 15’ lengths and through a standard function raises and locks at dock height meaning you can deliver equipment such as forklifts directly to a dock without the need for hydraulic rams or levellers. The flexibility of the 900 has made it a North American leader working for the busiest rental houses, many of which rely on each 900 to make over 20 equipment deliveries and pick ups each and every day.

Landolls hot dipped galvanizing option is available for the 900 series. The entire trailer frame, beams and X-members are completely submerged and coated in molten zinc. This protects the trailer from rot for many years even in the harsh Canadian climate where corrosive anti icing agents are put down on the roads.

Winch options from Warn and Braden ranging from 12000 lb to 30000 lb capacity are offered. Load securement such as chain rails, chain gotchas and D rings are available. 8” X-member spacing as standard on all 900 series trailers gives a higher concentrated load deck rating. A recently upgraded LED lighting and wiring system is not only backed by a better warranty but it is simple more reliable.

Landoll’s optional traction plate over the tail works to ensure that equipment finds the grip it needs. An optional air operated upper deck ramp lets you drive equipment up the kick onto the upper deck area giving you more useable deck space.

Glasvan stocks the 900 series trailer in both tandem and tridem hot dipped galvanized trailer configurations.

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