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Full Maintenance Leasing

There are many ways to get equipment to work at your location without making an outright purchase. Our team can handle arranging credit for the equipment you need in a highly organized manner. Competitive rates for straight financing, operating leases, long term leasing to a residual or lease to own can be arranged on request. We also have a large dedicated fleet of both DOT and off road shunt trucks for rent in the Greater Toronto Area be it for a day, a week, month or months.
Glasvan offers comprehensive maintenance programs where we will completely maintain your equipment from tires to brakes, lights and wiring (everything but damage), safety certification and PM on a cost per engine run hours. This eliminates surprise sudden costs down the road and works to keep your equipment in top operating order.
Our fleet of mobile service trucks will go to your GTA location to service the equipment on site with minimal disruption to operations.