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Natural Gas Powered

Autocar is a clear leader in the production of natural gas powered vocational equipment. Having built thousands of refuse trucks with Cummins ISLG engines it was only natural for Autocar to engineer this engine into their shunt tractor platform. Offering both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuel options no other shunt truck manufacturer has the experience that Autocar has in bringing this engine technology to market. You won’t find a diesel particulate filter, an exhaust gas regeneration valve, diesel oxidation catalyst tube or selective catalytic reduction system on a Cummins ISLG powered Autocar shunt tractor. These complex emission control systems are found in combination on modern EPA regulated diesel engines but are completely absent from the Cummins ISLG natural gas engine. This simplicity of the engine along with potential and realistic fuel savings of 40 to 60% when compared to a diesel have fleet managers and company owners taking a hard look at investing in this technology. Natural gas burns cleanly and there is no need for complex after-treatment. The cost and hassle of urea dosing is eliminated with our natural gas powered shunt tractor equipment. The added capital cost of a natural gas powered unit when amortized over time can be cash flow positive offering instant payback from its first month in operation due to the potentially massive fuel savings. Talk to Glasvan about how an Autocar CNG or LNG powered shunt tractor can benefit your company’s bottom line all the while helping the environment through reduced emissions. You can put your trust in Autocar’s ability to build natural gas powered yard tractor equipment due to their extensive experience with this alternative fuel engine platform.