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Tandem drive axle DOT and Off Road

When loaded trailers need to be shunted short distances over the road one must adhere to ministry axle weight requirements. Even a loaded tandem axle trailer loaded to 2/3 of its legal weight carrying capacity will overload the drive axle of a single axle shunt truck from the standpoint of the MOT. Autocar offers a tandem drive axle version of their proven X-Spotter shunt truck with a 46000 lb Hendrickson suspension. Legally loaded 3, 4 and even 5 axle trailers carrying as much as 95000 lb of freight can be legally scaled for over the road transport with an Autocar tandem drive axle DOT shunt tractor. Operator controlled interaxle power divider and differential locker gets power and traction to the ground to keep your operation moving. Glasvan consistently stocks tandem drive axle shunt trucks carefully spec’d for Canadian customers and our specific operational requirement