Dot single axle

A 2 speed fan clutch works to not only minimize noise but keep the engine at optimal temperatures. The fact is that even the busiest shunt tractors may idle 20% of the time and modern EPA regulated DOT diesel engines struggle in yard tractor platforms to reach the temperatures required for the emission control systems to function properly. Autocar’s standard 2 speed fan clutch on their DOT equipment helps with getting the engine up to and maintaining proper operating temperatures which means longer periods of time between emission system maintenance and repair.

Off Road single axle

If you need to move trailers at a dock, yard, port or intermodal operation and do not need to take the equipment over the road then look to Autocar’s Off Road equipment. At this time Autocar and Glasvan have availability of off road trucks with tier 3 industrial engines. All of Glasvan’s stock off road Autocar shunt trucks share the same carefully chosen specs to make for the safest, most durable and operator friendly equipment available.

Heavy duty drive axle

40000 lb rated double reduction Dana and Meritor drive axle and 50000 lb+ Sisu and Dana planetary rear drives are offered by Autocar. These axles are selected for moving the heaviest loaded multi axle trailers in off road situations.

Tandem drive axle DOT and Off Road

When loaded trailers need to be shunted short distances over the road one must adhere to ministry axle weight requirements. Even a loaded tandem axle trailer loaded to 2/3 of its legal weight carrying capacity will overload the drive axle of a single axle shunt truck from the standpoint of the MOT. Autocar offers a tandem drive axle version of their proven X-Spotter shunt truck with a 46000 lb Hendrickson suspension. Legally loaded 3, 4 and even 5 axle trailers carrying as much as 95000 lb of freight can be legally scaled for over the road transport with an Autocar tandem drive axle DOT shunt tractor. Operator controlled interaxle power divider and differential locker gets power and traction to the ground to keep your operation moving. Glasvan consistently stocks tandem drive axle shunt trucks carefully spec’d for Canadian customers and our specific operational requirement

Natural Gas Powered

Autocar is a clear leader in the production of natural gas powered vocational equipment. Having built thousands of refuse trucks with Cummins ISLG engines it was only natural for Autocar to engineer this engine into their shunt tractor platform. Offering both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuel options no other shunt truck manufacturer has the experience that Autocar has in bringing this engine technology to market. You won’t find a diesel particulate filter, an exhaust gas regeneration valve, diesel oxidation catalyst tube or selective catalytic reduction system on a Cummins ISLG powered Autocar shunt tractor. These complex emission control systems are found in combination on modern EPA regulated diesel engines but are completely absent from the Cummins ISLG natural gas engine. This simplicity of the engine along with potential and realistic fuel savings of 40 to 60% when compared to a diesel have fleet managers and company owners taking a hard look at investing in this technology. Natural gas burns cleanly and there is no need for complex after-treatment. The cost and hassle of urea dosing is eliminated with our natural gas powered shunt tractor equipment. The added capital cost of a natural gas powered unit when amortized over time can be cash flow positive offering instant payback from its first month in operation due to the potentially massive fuel savings. Talk to Glasvan about how an Autocar CNG or LNG powered shunt tractor can benefit your company’s bottom line all the while helping the environment through reduced emissions. You can put your trust in Autocar’s ability to build natural gas powered yard tractor equipment due to their extensive experience with this alternative fuel engine platform.

Full Maintenance Leasing

There are many ways to get equipment to work at your location without making an outright purchase. Our team can handle arranging credit for the equipment you need in a highly organized manner. Competitive rates for straight financing, operating leases, long term leasing to a residual or lease to own can be arranged on request. We also have a large dedicated fleet of both DOT and off road shunt trucks for rent in the Greater Toronto Area be it for a day, a week, month or months.
Glasvan offers comprehensive maintenance programs where we will completely maintain your equipment from tires to brakes, lights and wiring (everything but damage), safety certification and PM on a cost per engine run hours. This eliminates surprise sudden costs down the road and works to keep your equipment in top operating order.
Our fleet of mobile service trucks will go to your GTA location to service the equipment on site with minimal disruption to operations.

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