Great Dane offers both tandem and single axle converter “A” type dollies for hitching trailers together. Each Canadian provincial jurisdiction has its own set of rules about which configurations of trailers can be coupled together and what the per axle weight allowances are when running a converter dolly. One common thread is that freight can potentially be moved much more efficiently by one single tractor and one single driver when a converter dolly is employed. Glasvan has delivered dozens of Great Dane converter dollies that our customers run under the Ontario Long Combination Vehicle “LCV” program.

Great Danes converter dollies are the most robust available. Spec items and options for ease of operation such as valving options for brake release, a spring loaded pogo stick for tensioning air and electricals cords between the lead and trailing trailer units and a standard jack stand to set the height of the drawbar when coupling. As the converter dolly is a distance from the tractor behind the first trailer in the train many fleets opt to go with spring ride instead of air ride when selecting the equipment. Spring ride dollies offer pricing economy and at the same can be easy for operators to couple.

Whenever a converter dolly is used to connect two trailers, the lead trailer must be equipped with a pintle hitch. Great Dane offers optional factory installed and compliant pintle hitch systems for our van and reefer trailer equipment lines. Glasvan can also consult on your immediate requirements and retrofit your existing trailer equipment with a pintle system in our shop.