Great Dane’s Freedom deck trailer line-up offers great value to flatbed and stepdeck carriers. With the Champion line Great Dane has found that sweet spot between functionality, price and fit and finish. Glasvan stocks several configurations of the Freedom deck trailer product to meet our customers’ near term needs. Great Dane has been building flats and steps for over 40 years and the product has proven itself on the roads of North America.

Built in Great Dane’s updated Huntsville Tennessee manufacturing facility the plant is run by some of the most experienced flatbed production experts in the industry. Run after run we see quality consistently from the Champion product. Consistency, a true measure of a manufacturer’s ability to control the build process.

As US freight is restricted by the 80000lb gross law Great Dane’s Champion line addresses the need to be not only strong but also lightweight. Whether our combo or all aluminum design the equipment is competitive or better. At the same time the equipment offers solid construction and ample excess capacity for higher Canadian gross weights.

A investment in a state of the art coating system works to ensure that paint adheres for many years down the road.

Glasvan works closely with many sliding tarp kit manufacturers in our locale. We even stock ready to work covered combos giving you specialized gear with immediate or near immediate delivery. When a piece of freight is dimensionally too large for traditional dock-forklift loading into a traditional van trailer but still requires protection from the elements, a sliding tarp kit equipped Great Dane flatbed or stepdeck offers the flexibility you need. Then consider the economics of backhauling more abundant general freight just like you would in a dry van trailer to round out the trip.


You need workhorse flat and dropdeck trailers of all steel construction with a tough and easy to work with all wood deck. Equipment that is dependable, sturdy gear proven to be simple and reliable. When extreme lightweight is not your absolute requirement but a dependable, rugged piece of equipment is then Great Dane’s all steel Freedom SE is the choice for commodity and specialized transfer.
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There are more combo flatbeds on the road in North America than any other deck type trailer configuration. The combo flatbed moves more building materials, more general freight, more LTL than any other non-enclosed trailer on the road today. Balancing the need for light weight, the reliability of a structural steel main beam and controlling cost is what Great Dane sets out to do with every combo flat build.
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When lightweight is the absolute consideration look to Great Dane’s Freedom XP line of flatbeds. Proven bolted design ensures the integrity of the pre-cambered all aluminum main beams and allows repairability without the need to burn and re-weld. Designed to deflect and return repeatedly Great Dane’s up-sized 1” beam flanges are some of the most robust available.
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