Certain brands have become synonymous with the product they produce. Landoll is one of those brands. Customers requiring a deck trailer to load and unload equipment repeatedly and often request a “Landoll.” Customers rarely say full deck tilt, travelling axle or beavertail but they use the catch all term “Landoll.” This is because Landoll is the proven market leader producing the very best hydraulic travelling axle tilt bed and tilt tail trailers offered to the consumer.

The Landoll trailer eliminates the need for ramps and all the dangers that can go along with ramp loading equipment on a transport trailer. Load angles across our various models are shallow, as little as 6 degrees so even the lowest ground clearance equipment can be rolled onto a Landoll tilt trailer.

Produced in Marysville Kansas many employees that work for Landoll have the surname “Landoll.” They take a lot of pride in building and taking this industry leading product that bears their namesake to market.

Over the past 30 years Landoll has developed, refinded and upgraded their travelling axle trailer offering to make for the most durable, reliable and functional travelling axle tilt load and detachable trailers for your freight needs.

Rental houses making dozens of equipment pickup and deliveries to job sites and docks each day rely on Landoll trailers to ensure that their offerings get to customers on time, safely and efficiently. If you have equipment to move and want to have the flexibility to load multiple pieces of gear for multiple drops Landoll tilt beds lead the way.

400 series travelling axle full main deck tilt trailers

Two and three axle models offered with optional hot dip galvanized protection available.

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900 series travelling axle tilting tail trailers

The Landoll 900 series trailer is ideal for moving multiple pieces of equipment and is available in tandem and tridem axle models. Optional hot dip galvanized protection.

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800 series hydraulic detachable trailers

The 800 series hydraulic detachable trailers comes in the 825, 835 AG Series and 855 Heavy Haul Series. Two, three and four axle models offered.

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300 Container and Specialty

Landoll’s 300 series lineup is the most comprehensive offering of purpose built container hauling specialty equipment available. Additional models for speciality application offered

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