Great Dane’s Champion dry van trailer product line offers the most diverse spec set available in today’s market. A visit to our competition and despite explaining your operational requirements they will likely offer you same model trailer they offered the previous inquirer because that’s all they have to offer, one product and fingers cross hopefully that one product will work for you. Van trailers can get lumped into one category of “boxes on wheels” by those less discerning. Great Dane however acknowledges that the same van trailer construction does not work for every LTL, truck load, automotive and line haul, heated operation. Great Dane has 3 main Champion dry van models to choose from of which some have further wall liner option configurations giving you great choice in finding the van trailer that’s best for your operation.

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Champion SE CS1

Is it possible to have true sheet and post proven construction and still have 101” of inside width? Yes, Great Dane’s Champion CS1 has a full 101” inside width while offering the ease of repair that sheet and post trailers are known for. Logistic posts on 12” centers over the coupler and then 16” centers from behind the coupler all the way to the rear of the trailer work to ensure that when you need to install a strap or logistic bar that we have a post where you need it.
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Champion CP

One of the most successful if not the most successful trailer designs of all time the composite plate construction trailer revolutionized full truck load transport. Finally there was a full 101” wide high cube interior width trailer that offered great durability against aggressive forklift loading and unloading.
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Champion CL

The original Great Dane dry van with the most options for the most complex spec requirements. With literally tens of thousands of spec variations available the Champion CL was previously heralded as Great Dane’s “Classic” dry van. Side doors, higher gross weights and multi axle configurations, stainless steel sides are offered as options on the Champion CL.
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Champion SE SSL

The performance of all dry van trailers can be measured against Great Dane’s Champion SSL. The composite plate revolutionized the North American freight van market by combining durability, maximum interior width and cube at a reasonable cost but ease of repair, logistic options and weight are areas where composite wall construction may receive mediocre reviews from carriers.
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