As insulated reefer trailers age they become less efficient. This is not only due to moisture intrusion but also due to the fact that as insulation ages it degrades. Foam degradation begins to occur immediately after the trailer is built as the insulation outgasses and releases critical performance related molecules through the wall liner. A 5 year old reefer trailer has lost approximately 20 to 25+ percent of its original thermal performance. The performance loss of the insulation forces the reefer temperature control unit to run longer and harder to hold a desired set point temperature. This means as a trailer ages that your consumption of diesel fuel to do the same amount of work increases. In time, the reefer unit on a traditionally lined trailer may not even be able to reach or hold a desired set point. You are forced to prematurely replace the trailer or face increased risk of a load claim.

Great Dane’s exclusive ThermoGuard product seals the insulation from both moisture intrusion and outgassing. A 5+ year old trailer equipped with ThermoGuard is held to within around 95% of its original thermal capability. Even an undamaged traditional glass enforced polyester or woven belt laminate liner is permeable to moisture intrusions. ThermoGuard blocks the intrusion of moisture and works to protect the trailer from weight gain. The cost savings are shocking especially when multiplied across a fleet of equipment. Great Dane’s extremely puncture resistant ThermoGuard wall liner package is used at the trailer front wall, ceiling, side walls, rear doors (swing door only) and the subfloor sealing the insulation at all points on the trailer. Glasvan specs the ThermoGuard wall liner upgrade on most of our stock reefer trailer equipment as an upgraded standard. We have many customers, some of the biggest names in Canadian temperature controlled freight that have used this product for 5+ years and demand it to get a longer useful life out of their equipment and to greatly reduce their diesel fuel consumption costs. Stop spending more money on temperature control diesel fuel than you have to, choose Great Dane reefers equipped with ThermoGuard.

The competition may try to tell you in desperation that ThermoGuard is a gimic. Ask them for the test data to support that statement. Lab test data of aged trailers equipped with ThermoGuard compared to those with traditional or modern liners proves that the ThermoGuard equipped trailers have had less foam degradation, absorb less moisture (gaining less weight) and are more efficient burning less diesel to hold set point. The ultimate nod has come from our many customers that have spec’d ThermoGuard and then continued to choose it having experienced the results in their operation.

The competition may say that when ThermoGuard gets a cut in it the entire benefit is lost. That is a completely false and incorrect statement. True, in the exact area of the cut thermal capability will in time be compromised if left unrepaired but in the areas of the wall still sealed by ThermoGuard the benefits continue despite the damage on another portion of the wall.

Another recent attempt by our competition to sell against ThermoGuard is to say that they have superior insulation in their trailers making theirs more efficient than ours, that they don’t need ThermoGuard. Another totally bogus set of statements. Reefer trailer insulation is a chemical and the chemical recipe is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). North American trailer manufacturers can’t alter formula. There are differences in how we apply the insulation that are superior. Great Dane goes to great lengths to ensure that our reefer trailer insulating process uses the most modern technologies available to make for the tightest, truest and most thermally efficient wall, floor and roof set. Learn more at:

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