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Autocar Shunt Trucks

They are often referred to as mules, yard trucks, tugs, shunts, shunt trucks, jockeys, spotters, and shunters but it all means the same thing: A truck that can safely and efficiently move a large volume of trailers or chassis over short distances in a short period of time. Autocar X-Spotter shunt trucks are designed to move 25 to 75+ trailers per shift and have a built-in 5th wheel that when coupled to a trailer hydraulically elevates raising the trailer dolly legs off the ground for quick transport and relocation. Lower displacement 6.7 litre high torque low horsepower engines mean far less fuel is consumed when compared to moving trailers with a typical sleeper or day cab hiway truck. Autocar delivers on value for shunt trucks, combining the best package of features for reliability, efficiency, durability, safety and ergonomics. Glasvan offers a variety of Autocar models to fit your operational needs. We sell new, used and refurbished units at all price points plus we can arrange shipping to anywhere in North America. Glasvan offers a variety of new, used and refurbished Autocar models at all price points and we ship anywhere in North America. TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR, EXPLORE THE FEATURES THAT MAKE AUTOCAR SHUNT TRUCKS SO PRODUCTIVE AND RELIABLE.


If you have trailers or chassis to move in your busy operation but also need to run the equipment over the road then the DOT On Road single drive axle X-Spotter is what you need. This shunt truck model can be licensed for over the road flexibility while offering the nimble short wheelbase flexibility to work in the tightest confines that a single drive axle provides


Autocar offers a tandem drive axle version of the X-Spotter shunt truck. If you are moving fully loaded trailers over the road then a tandem drive axle shunt truck is. Fully loaded tandem axle, tridem, four and five+ axle trailers carrying as much as 95,000lbs of freight can potentially be legally scaled in Canada for over the road transport with an Autocar tandem drive axle DOT shunt tractor. Operator controlled interaxle power divider and differential locker gets power and traction to the ground to keep you moving. Glasvan stocks tandem drive axle shunt trucks carefully spec’d for Canadian customers and our climate conditions.


Autocar X-Spotter Off Road shunt trucks despite their rugged appearance have many refinements to make them operator friendly and extremely productive at relocating trailers and chassis in your yards and to your docks. Glasvan’s Autocar shunt trucks have carefully chosen specs to make for the safest, most durable and operator-friendly yard equipment available for use in off-road operations.


When you have heavy Canadian tridem, quad or 5+ axle trailer loads to move a heavy-duty drive axle equipped Autocar X-Spotter gets the job done. In addition, a heavy-duty drive axle equipped yard truck should be considered for operations that are more extreme due to unpaved surfaces, train track crossings or uneven surfaces. Autocar offers double reduction Dana and Meritor drive axle options plus Sisu and Dana planetary rear drives. These axles are designed to handle moving the heaviest loaded multi-axle trailers in the most severe off-road conditions.


Autocar’s X-Spotter standard cab is up to 35% larger than our competitors. With an upgraded air-ride seat, heavier duty 14,000 lb front steer axle suspension with hydraulic shocks and Autocar’s air-ride cab all work together to make for a smoother ride.


Autocar offers factory direct support through their Autocar Solutions Service command centre. The Autocar Solutions team is made up of extremely proficient technicians and Autocar truck experts from our factories in Indiana and Alabama who will personally work to solve your problem in a quick and efficient manner.


Glasvan offers a fast turning inventory of used equipment. Check with us for even more specialized requirements like pre-owned tandem drive axle D.O.T shunt trucks or shunters with heavy-duty and planetary drive axles. We’ll provide a piece of shunt truck equipment to fit your budget.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly rentals of Glasvan maintained D.O.T. and Off-Road shunt tractors are available. If you need a yard tractor for a longer term, we can offer brand new Autocar single or tandem drive axle units for a minimum of two-year lease commitments. Our fleet of mobile service technicians can visit the equipment in the field to undertake preventative maintenance programs and repairs right in your yard minimizing disruption and downtime to your operation.