Autocar | Glasvan Great Dane

They are often referred to as mules, yard trucks, tugs, shunts, jockeys, spotters, and shunters but it all means the same thing: A truck that can safely and efficiently move a large volume of trailers or chassis over short distances in a short period of time. Autocar X-Spotter shunt trucks are designed to move 25 to 75+ trailers per shift and have a built-in 5th wheel that when coupled to a trailer hydraulically elevates raising the trailer dolly legs off the ground for quick transport and relocation. Lower displacement 6.7 litre high torque low horsepower engines mean far less fuel is consumed when compared to moving trailers with a typical sleeper or day cab hiway truck. Autocar delivers on value for shunt trucks, combining the best package of features for reliability, efficiency, durability, safety and ergonomics. Glasvan offers a variety of Autocar models to fit your operational needs. We sell new, used and refurbished units at all price points plus we can arrange shipping to anywhere in North America. Glasvan offers a variety of new, used and refurbished Autocar models at all price points and we ship anywhere in North America. TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR, EXPLORE THE FEATURES THAT MAKE THE AUTOCAR SHUNT SO PRODUCTIVE AND RELIABLE.