Doonan and Chaparral trailers

Doonan and Chaparral Trailers - Glasvan Great Dane

Doonan and Chaparral trailers are top of the line platform trailer products with flatbed, stepdeck and lowboy models. All steel, combo and all aluminum versions available to suit your requirements. As extremely durable trailers with the highest attention to engineering and fit and finish they come at very competitive weights. Doonan and Chaparral can build standard configurations like 48’ long 10’ fixed spread tandem combos in both dropdeck and flatbed models plus 53’ long flats and steps with one fixed axle and one slide axle. Tridem 3 axle versions are also available. The all aluminum Chaparral trailer has a bolted design and the Chaparral stepdeck version features a steel neck reinforcement for strength where it is needed most. If you need a multi-axle, concentrated load or a configuration for oversized, talk to Glasvan about your spec requirements and a custom Doonan build. Doonan and Chaparral can build trailers for heavy commodity hauls like metal coils and plate, brick and stone, and lumber in 3, 4 and 5+ axle variations. Other Doonan specs include shallow couplers, deep drop stepdecks for a 35” deck height, extendable mechanical detachables up to 72’, double drops, dovetail stepdecks with flip ramps, plus Moffet and Palfinger hitchhiker forklift mount set ups.