Etnyre - Live Bottom & Heavy Haul Trailers - Glasvan Great Dane

Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom
The Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom trailer is durable, refined and highly customizable. Etnyre have evolved the design of the Falcon Live Bottom for Ontario customer weights and operational requirements, making it the most reliable equipment available. Options include aluminum slurry tanks, extended bin sides, reversing belts, custom paint and lighting packages, exterior side wall designs, and fender designs. The Falcon enables more freight opportunities across all Canadian seasons and terrain, and can accommodate asphalt, gravel, salt, stone, fertilizer, as well as other bulk and agriculture products. The Etnyre Falcon design addresses several issues common to Live Bottom trailers and either eliminates or improves on them. It features a lower center of gravity with a bin that sits 8” lower for safety, allowing operators to turn corners with a better road feel. The Falcon chain system uses a pintle chain system to eliminate the need for lubrication. The Etnyre Falcon belt is 40” to enable faster unloading, is proven to last longer, and can be replaced faster. Because of the wider belt, its bin sides are steeper, which helps lower unloading times. With a bi-fold that allows the rear door to open either fully or in part, operators can get better control in product offloading. Additionally, the Etnyre Falcon belt splice does not require repositioning, so freight can be dropped anywhere on the belt without wasted time. The Live Bottom trailer is as much as 1200 lbs lighter than competing models, making it a lightweight option for bulk freight transport. It also features 1” insulation for hot mix asphault heat retention. Tarp options include solid, mesh and side roll in manual or powered versions supplied and installed by the best providers in the industry.
Etnyre Heavy Haul Detachables
Etnyre Heavy Haul trailers from Glasvan are engineered for Canadian payloads and the severity of conditions north of the border. Our fabricated, pre-cambered beams are made from 100K+ yield steel and are robotically welded to provide the absolute highest level of structural integrity. Etnyre understands the need for more iron in critical areas to overcome the wide range of Canadian applications. They’re completely customizable and available from 35 to 100+ ton capacities.