Etnyre Trailers - Large Variety - Glasvan Great Dane

Etnyre Blackhawk
Glasvan’s powerful lineup of hydraulic Etnyre trailers are made to be reliable, productive and withstand harsh Canadian winters. These workhorses feature the highest lifting capacity and the most travel (above and below ground level) to clear any obstacle you may encounter while on the road. Hooking up to any tractor air, electrical, and hydraulic system is simple, quick and easy.
Etnyre knows trailers. Engineered for Canada, they are made to outperform and outlast. Built from the highest grade, most durable materials – and to the highest manufacturing standards – our mechanical Etnyre trailers are the best in the business. Available in several custom options including dual gooseneck ride height setting, custom deck lengths and widths, gooseneck flip extensions and additional axles.

At Glasvan, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our Etnyre trailers lineup comes in all makes and models, in various axle configurations, and with endless customization options. We can handle special projects and custom-builds to 100 tons+, with modular and extendable deck sections, hydraulic lift tower options, turntable steering capabilities, multi-application interchangeable axle and gooseneck ability, and multiple wheel configurations. Whatever your hauling needs, however you need to build a trailer, Glasvan can help make it happen. Check out Etnyre trailers Specialized capabilities with a gallery of previously built equipment.