Great Dane’s FleetPulseGo delivers important metrics about your trailer fleet.

A GPS solution for your existing trailers, FleetPulseGO brings the power of the FleetPulse™ platform to
your entire fleet, including non-Great Dane trailers.

Works with all Trailer Brands

Easy to Install

Solar Harvesting Technology

great dane trailers tracked with fleetpulse

Mobile App and API Access

Access to Parts List

4G LTE Data

Faster Asset Location

Faster Asset Location

  • Improved yard efficiency saves time and money
  • Automated inventory reports reduce need for manual tracking or time-consuming yard searches
  • Technicians find trailers faster and easier with the FleetPulse app, shortening repair and maintenance windows
  • Improve driver satisfaction with faster trailer identification and location
  • Less downtime, increased productivity
Better Asset Management

Better Asset Management

  • Maximize asset utilization with greater visibility to unused capacity
  • Create custom geofences to help reduce trailer theft
  • Accurate inventory and location data for your fleet means no more misplaced or lost trailers
  • Improve detention fee collection with near real-time docking data
  • Access detailed trailer specifications on all Great Dane trailers
Easier Asset Monitoring

Easier Asset Monitoring

  • Self-sustaining, solarpowered, slap and stick device with three-month battery backup
  • Live monitoring every 10 minutes in motion and every 24 hours when stationary
  • Breadcrumb tracking offers historical perspective of trailer location
  • 4G LTE technology replaces sunsetting 3G technology and devices

Staying in control has never been easier

Glasvan’s trailer experts can help you maximize the advantages of FleetPulse. We’re happy to book a demo and show you how it can benefit your business.

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