Better Asset Management

  • Maximize asset utilization with insights about unused capacity
  • Custom geofences to prevent theft
  • Accurate inventory and location data
  • Detailed trailer specification (on Great Dane trailers)

Faster Trailer Tracking

  • Self-sustaining, solar-powered, slap and stick device
  • Live monitoring every 10 minutes when in motion
  • Breadcrumb tracking for historical trailer location data
  • 4G LTE technology replaces sunsetting 3G devices

Easier Asset Monitoring

  • Improve yard efficiency to save time and money
  • Automate inventory reports and reduce manual yard searches
  • Locate assets faster to shorten repair and maintenance windows
  • Less downtime, increased productivity

Great Dane’s FleetPulse Go Delivers Metrics that Matter about your trailer fleet.

Works with All Trailer Brands

Easy to

Solar Harvesting Technology


Mobile App and API Access

Access to Parts List

4G LTE Data Transmission

A smart trailer system that can be easily
installed into your fleet.


We were searching for a trailer telematics package that met our technology needs, had minimal lifetime maintenance, and was easy to use. From ease of installation to its seamless daily operation and great ROI, FleetPulseGO has exceeded all those expectations. Our entire fleet is now at our fingertips in real time, we just love it!


Marcus Sibley, President of Sibley Transportation


Staying in control has never been easier

FleetPulseGo by Great Dane is the smart trailer telematics system designed and developed by trailer experts.

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Complete fleet visibility on your desktop or mobile device.