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Landoll Trailers

Landoll produces the best hydraulic travelling axle tilt bed and tilt tail trailers available. Landoll trailers eliminate the need for ramps with load angles as shallow as low as 6 degrees. Landoll’s designs are the ideal for equipment pickup or delivery because of the flexibility they offer in loading multiple pieces of gear for multiple drops at ground level and even up to dock height. Glasvan offers a variety of models to fit your requirements.

low deck trailer landoll

400 Series Travelling Axle Full Main Deck Tilt Trailers

The Landoll 400-series leads the market with its full main deck tilt design, gentle 6-degree load angle and extremely stout construction. Offered in a 40 ton tandem axle and 55 ton 3 axle model, with optional hot dip galvanized protection. Both models use cross members on 8” centres and are available in 37” and 42” loaded deck heights. Now standard with an upgraded LED lighting and wiring system for greater visibility and reliability. Some options include 12,000-30,000 lb winches, dock level lift hydraulics, railroad track, load securement, 102”, 9’ and 10’ wide deck, swing-outs and pull -outs, self-contained gas engines, and custom paint.

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900 Series Travelling Axle Tilting Tail Trailers

The Landoll 900-series trailer is available in a 930 model 35 ton tandem axle and 950 model 50 ton tridem axle version. Both are available with optional hot dip galvanized protection where the trailer steel structure and suspension are submerged and coated in molten protective zinc. With a main deck that stays level, the 900-series is ideal for safely loading numerous pieces of equipment, and features standard 8” X-member spacing and upgraded LED lighting and wiring. As a standard the 900 series tail can be raised to dock height. Options include 12’, 14’ and 15’ tail lengths, 12,000-30,000 lb winches, load securement, traction plates, and air-operated upper deck ramps.

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low rolling resistance landoll
low rolling resistance tires on landoll

800 Series Hydraulic Detachable Trailers

The 800-series hydraulic detachable trailer comes in the 825, 835, AGriculture Series and 855 Heavy Haul Series with two, three and four axle models. Low main decks as low as 17” loaded deck height. Options include aluminum neck platforms, hot dip galvanizing, pin on axles, telescopic and swing out wide load extensions to name but a few of the many custom specs available. Landoll’s innovative hydraulic detaching neck design makes the coupling process easier than with competitive trailers even on the most inconsistent of surfaces. Paving/paver specific model and options available for loading multiple low ground clearance piece of equipment.

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300 Container and Speciality

The Landoll 300-series comes in a 330/340 container, 345 hydraulic tilt pintle hitch, and 353 bus hauler model. The 330/340 models features a single or tandem axle in several length options to haul the container size you need. With specs available such as an innovative chain drive the loading, hauling and unloading of containers in the field can be done with relative ease. The 345 model is a 31’ tag style tandem axle hydraulic trailer with a 9-degree load angle that couples via pintle hitch to a tractor or straight truck. The 353 model loads and transports a coach bus without a special permit, and features adjustable wheel pockets, a 5-degree load angle and outrigger hydraulic lifters.

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used landoll trailers at great dane
Landoll Trailer

Seriously low load angle for efficent loading.

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