Truck & Trailer Sandblast and Paint - Glasvan Great Dane

We want it to look better. You want it to last longer.

Your industrial vehicles and equipment are a big investment, so don’t short-change refurbishing. Anyone can handle a spray gun, but no one provides the in-depth preparation and superior application like the sandblast and paint professionals at Glasvan Great Dane.

Process Checklist

If you’re looking for premium quality sandblast and paint services, be sure they’re provided by experts who can:
Assess and provide alternative processes
Correctly prepare surfaces
Sandblast to an optimum profile
Choose correct alternative coatings
Customize paint systems to meet specific needs and lifespans
Meet Ministry of Labour regulations
Exceed Ministry of Environment regulations
Provide no-cost pick-up and delivery
Provide specialized floats and drop decks to move equipment and machinery

Flexible paint system

Glasvan Great Dane can customize a paint system that combines the right amount of preparation with the right kind of paint to meet your needs and budget.

Available coatings:

  • Low volume water base
  • Base enamel
  • Acrylic-epoxy-enamel
  • Urethane base clear

Before and after

Dump Trailer

Two-part epoxy primer finished with DuPont™ Imron®6000 two-part urethane top coat.


Dump Trailer Before


Dump Trailer After

Truck Sandblast & Paint

Truck blasted ‘white’ to the correct profile, then finished with one-step enamel top coat in red.


truck sandblast and paint before


truck sandblast and paint after

Chassis & Flatbed Refurbishing

Main Frame: one-step enamel in black; Side rails: two-part epoxy primer-acrylic with hardener top coats in red.


5 Axle Flat Before


5 Axle Flat After

Truck/Trailer/Straight Truck

Two-part epoxy primer-acrylic with hardener top coat in white.


Hopper Truck In Progress


Hopper Truck After

Trailer Side Wall

Trailer: one-step enamel in grey; Wheels: two-part epoxy primer-acrylic with hardener top coat in white.


trailer side wall before


trailer side wall after

Nobody does it better.

Glasvan Great Dane delivers a premium quality finish that looks better and last longer. We do this by providing:
  • Expert sandblasting that achieves the right profile and eliminate all rust, debris and contaminants.
  • A customized paint system that meets the lifespan and purpose you need your equipment for.
  • Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Labour approved facilities that ensure optimal results and meet recognized safety and environmental standards.

Get a firm estimate today!

We know you need to control costs, so we provide a firm estimate for our work, drawing from over 30 years of refurbishing experience and reputation for better equipment and better service. Contact our Sandblast and Paint Shop to learn more at 1-888-GLASVAN or 905-625-8448 x 2244