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Thermoguard - Insulated Reefer Trailers

As insulated reefer trailers age, they become less efficient. Foam degradation starts immediately after a trailer is built. Over time, moisture intrusion and insulation outgassing releases critical performance-related molecules through the wall liner. This makes insulated reefer trailers less efficient, causing a 5-year-old reefer trailer to lose 20-25% of its original thermal performance. This forces the reefer temperature control unit to work harder and use more fuel to maintain temperature. As a result, the operator must prematurely replace the trailer or face an increased risk of a load claim.

Great Dane’s ThermoGuard blocks the intrusion of moisture and protects against outgassing, allowing a 5-year-old trailer to remain within 95% of its original thermal capability. Data shows that older trailers equipped with ThermoGuard have less foam degradation, absorb less moisture and use less fuel to maintain a set temperature. Glasvan specs the puncture-resistant ThermoGuard wall liner package on most stock reefer trailers on the front wall, ceiling, side walls, rear doors, and the subfloor.

Great Dane’s Exclusive ThermoGuard Reefer Liner: Cut Costs and Boost Efficiency.

refeer thermoguard diagram

Standard Liners

Traditional glass reinforced polyester and modern belt laminate liners are permeable meaning that the liner allows gases to escape and moisture to intrude. This results in both insulation degradation robbing the trailer of it’s ability to maintain temperature set point and also weight gain.

refeers thermoguard diagram

ThermoGuard Liner

Great Dane’s patented ThermoGuard has a revolutionary composite layer that nearly completely seals the insulation from outgassing and moisture intrusion. This significantly reduces insulation degradation and minimizes weight gain,

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