Thermoguard - Insulated Reefer Trailers - Glasvan Great Dane

ThermoGuard As insulated reefer trailers age, they become less efficient. Foam degradation starts immediately after a trailer is built. Over time, moisture intrusion and insulation outgassing releases critical performance-related molecules through the wall liner. This makes insulated reefer trailers less efficient, causing a 5-year-old reefer trailer to lose 20-25% of its original thermal performance. This forces the reefer temperature control unit to work harder and use more fuel to maintain temperature. As a result, the operator must prematurely replace the trailer or face an increased risk of a load claim. Great Dane’s ThermoGuard blocks the intrusion of moisture and protects against outgassing, allowing a 5-year-old trailer to remain within 95% of its original thermal capability. Data shows that older trailers equipped with ThermoGuard have less foam degradation, absorb less moisture and use less fuel to maintain a set temperature. Glasvan specs the puncture-resistant ThermoGuard wall liner package on most stock reefer trailers on the front wall, ceiling, side walls, rear doors, and the subfloor.

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